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Accelerate Your Retail Business & Attract Lifelong Shoppers

Create a seamless customer experience for both online and in-store shoppers with our retail referral marketing platform and loyalty solutions

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Your existing shoppers are your greatest advocates and revenue generators for retail businesses. Get ready to generate more online and in-store engagement, and convert them to lifelong shoppers by launching omnichannel, digital campaigns that foster and reward loyal shoppers.


Easy-to-Use Solutions that Drive Growth

Our full suite of growth marketing solutions allows each program to work interdependently, sharing insights to create a seamless on-site user experience.

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Referral Marketing Platform

Unlock the power of your existing customers and drive low-cost new customer acquisition with our highly customizable, robust refer-a-friend solution. Segment your audience, serve-up high converting offers and rewards, and ultimately transform your customers into engaged advocates.

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Loyalty Marketing

Retain your most loyal customers with more than just points and tiers. Talkable’s high-touch, loyalty solution is designed to fit the unique needs and demands of your customers; engaging them in personal ways and delivering meaningful rewards and experiences.

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Enhanced Email & Phone Number Capture

Use our SMART conversion tools to capture key data and insights, populate additional fields to build 360° profiles, and intelligently segment your customers to create personalized journeys based on traffic source, geographical location, past on-site behavior, and more.

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Time to Launch


Get in Touch

Chat with our team of experts. Talkable delivers unmatched managed services and will proactively optimize your campaigns to grow your business.

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Launch Campaigns

Build multi-channel campaigns to begin acquiring and retaining qualified shoppers. Run A/B tests, optimize and maximize your reach.

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Build Brand Affinity

Reward and nurture long-lasting relationships with your shoppers. Shopping with you, online or in-store, will become a no-brainer.

build brand affinity with retail referral marketing platform

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Reward Your Customers

"" 2x

Customers who refer their friends are twice as likely to buy again

Activate Lapsed Customers

"" 4x

Customers are more likely to purchase if referred by a friend

Encourage Repeat Purchase

"" 88%

of customers want an incentive for sharing a product


Whether you’re looking for educational content, how to optimize your campaigns, or updates on new products and features, you’ll find it here.

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